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Out of all Hong Kong hot-spots, Wan Chai is the most exciting, vibrant and entertaining. To recap on what Wan Chai is, it is a busy commercial area filled with office workers, shoppers, specialty spots and the very lively bars and night clubs along Lockhart Road. Lockhart Road forms the Center piece of Wan Chai’s exciting nightlife area. Jaffe Road runs parallel to Lockhart. Connecting the two are Luard Road which is where lot of the street walkers hang around. Parallel to Luard Road are Fenwick Street on one side and Obrien Road on the other. Together, they form a two block rectangle where the hype of activity is. If you get to the intersection of Lockhart Road and Jaffe Road or the Intersection of Jaffe Road and Luard Road, you can pretty much see everything around. Guess you are not going to be staying in Wan Chai like you do and need to take MTR. Take the MTR to Wan Chai station and take exit C. When you get to the street, turn left and walk towards the intersection of Lockhart Road and Jaffe Road. You will pass the Makati Pub & Disco. This joint sometimes charges you $500 to get in. Not only on a Sunday afternoon but on evenings as well.

Some of the famous pubs or bars or discos around the area are Taboo and Amazonia on Luard Road, Hong Kong Café (next to the corner of Taboo), Escape, Cinta-J and Jo Bananas on Jaffe Road, Makati Pub & Disco and Neptune 3 on Lockhart Road. Across the road from Makati is Bar 109. Few of the venues, Neptune 3, Jo Bananas, Hong Kong Café, Amazonia and Taboo have bands playing 6 nights a week or sometimes evening on Sundays. They are pretty good and lot of them are from the Philippines. In February 2019, there was an all-girl band at Hong Kong Café that could play pretty much anything. But I call them lazy bands. They play 35 to 40 minutes and then take a break of 30 minutes! A DJ plays something in the background during their break and I have never seen that to be up-to any standard what so ever. Scattered all over the place are the Go-Go bars. They are not worth talking about and I shall not dedicate more than a few paragraphs in the next post. Funny enough. The Makati Pub & Disco has another sign that read Makati Pub and I believe some time back they had a sign that reads New Makati.

Domestic Helpers

Sizable part of Hong Kong’s 300,000 expat workers are Domestic Helpers. They have 12 hours off on Sundays and public holidays. They are supposed to be back home by 9pm. Some of the good employers are not very strict about the time and sometimes do allow the helpers to be out overnight when there are two consecutive public holidays. That number is very small. Hence when the clock strikes 10am, the bars and cafes of Wan Chai start to open. Yes as early as that and Bar 109 will continue from the previous night. Domestic Helpers will come, eat drink, flirt with the guys who visit the bars and the party will go on.

Bar 109

Bar 109 turns itself into a Disco with a DJ. The bar is very small and is in two sections. The Bar area and the back room used for smoking. There is also shisha. This is where the naughty domestic helpers come when they want fun on a Sunday morning and the fun is good as a Saturday night disco just that there is light when you open the front door. A small number sit at the back to smoke and drink. The rest are by the bar. As a male, no matter if you are single or in a group or if you are married and walk in single, you will draw the attention of anyone who has not hooked up with a guy yet and there will be lots of them. It will take them seconds to approach you. Usually they will start talking to you and ask for a drink within the first few minutes.

The problem is when 2 or 3 do at the same time! So be prepared with an answer. Do you buy all of them a drink at once or put your foot down and say I select one! Or if want to say no (means you will be saying no a 20 times within 5 minutes till they all get fed-up) and then, make your choice and invite one. Be prepared for some interesting propositions. “Come and enjoy with me”, “you are such a nice looking guy”, “I want to spend the day with you”, “By me a drink honey”…. The list can be big. Be prepared to see someone hug and go straight for your lips within 10 seconds and they are not drunk. There are standard questions. “Where are you from”, “what are you doing in Hong Kong”, “How long you stay”, “Is it your first time” ect.

Some tricks I use are to change the subject quickly. For instance, if the question is “Where are you from?” I respond and then ask “Where are you from”. The answer is “Indonesia” (and at 109 most of them are Indonesian) and then change the subject to “No you don’t look Indonesian” and then starting driving the conversation yourself rather than they drive. Another is to give all the answers required to your first catch. When number 2 turns up and asks again, you say “She knows, ask her” (referring to your first catch). This way you avoid repeating and have more time to concentrate on people watching or girl watching. Bar 109 is “Pay As You Go” or you leave your credit card at the bar! I rather PAYG!

Over my visits to Bar 109 I have picked up about 10 girls. So what I say I judge based on the 10. These girls are not out for Money. Ok let me clarify! They are not Freelancers and escorts, and they will not charge you for spending the day with you. They are after a good time. They want to enjoy. Be loved, cuddled and kissed. They do a real job 6 days of the week and just want to have some fun. However, it won’t take very long for you to become their ATM. This is something to watch out for but it will happen a bit later after she becomes or shall I say assumes to become your girlfriend of some sorts. It will not take you more than a few minutes to hook up with someone and she will be nice to you. Well… you have to keep buying Tequila shots at something like $80 a pop.

If you think it’s not the right one, say no and keep saying no (a 10 times) and change to someone else. You can even hook-up with two or three at the same time if that’s your thing. The girls are quite possessive of their new found partner who in just a few minutes will be almost your girlfriend! At the same time they also want to bring their friends over and make you buy them drinks. Be watchful of that trap unless the friend seems to be hotter than the first catch and you want to switch. Make your move at the right time. Any question as to where your hotel is gives an indication that she wants you to take her out. Does not always mean to bed but out of the bar. If not you can make a proposition. A nice lunch will put you on their list as the top man but be watchful as you can soon become their ATM.

Taking your Bar 109 Girlfriend out

Where you go is up-to you. You can take her for lunch, sightseeing, anything and even to the room for a good time. Trust me no matter which girl you pick, she will walk hand in hand with you. They are just out for the company of a decent man. Bar 109 has by far been the best of Hong Kong experiences for me as I am not necessarily an all Bang-Bang guy but more into the GFE experience and these girls will do that so well. Go to a restaurant and she will feed you. Trust me it will happen.

Now the down side of hooking up with a girl at Bar 109 and for that matter anywhere in Hong Kong is that she will expect you to come back again. Now you can’t go to Bar 109 again and hook up with another girl. No money talk yet! But I would suggest you give her a gift at the end of the evening or else forget going to Bar 109 again. You will smell bad! The girls are possessive of their man but at the same time if you don’t seem to show kindness you are dead meat among the rest! Bar 109 parties end by about 4pm on Sundays and around 1 pm on public holidays or as soon as all the girls go! Then the lights come on and it functions as a normal pub. The girls stay as long as the music is on and the lights are off. Another plus point for me is that Freelancers don’t usually come to Bar 109.

They are all domestic helpers doing some job as an expat which means they are required to undergo medical check-ups before getting their visa. In my experience it has always been very easy to fall in love with whomever you pick. I’ll talk about the Hong Kong day time girlfriend later.

Sunday Afternoon Party

The rest of Hong Kong’s party going Domestic Helpers patronise venues like Neptune 3 (the popular of them all), Hong Kong Café, Makati and Sparks. Note that all of them are either on the basement or the 1st floor and you got to go up or down the stairs. That’s the easy way to usually distinguish between clubs and the mainstream pubs. I refer to them as the “Underground and Overhead” venues. The action starts in the afternoon with parties starting from around 1pm and going on till about 9 when they turn themselves into a Pub or evening disco environment. They have a cover charge of about $500 (again I say Hong Kong). Sparks is a bit cheaper at $250.

In February 2019 Bar 109 and Sparks was owned by the same management. Both (especially Bar 109) are quite nice venues. At least the staff are nice. Neptune 3 is not too bad and is actually bigger with a larger bar area. I tend to avoid the places with a cover charge on a regular basis. I have always started Sunday or public holiday at bar 109 and have picked up someone to take for the rest of the day. Hence the chances of checking out the other venues on a daily basis especially paying a cover charge are quite slim. However, I have been to these venues since 2006 and that’s a very long time and don’t have to keep going to find out what is going on. I’d rather spend the $500 on a girl I pick up at Bar 109. May be that’s how you start to become their ATM. Their size simply means they can attract a bigger crowd. Sunday afternoon parties are mainly patronised by the Domestic Helpers. Hay! Its for them. But coming in the afternoon and having to go back by 9pm does not leave you with much time. The atmosphere is similar to Bar 109. However, they are not all over you.

Those who come to Bar 109 and wait in the bar area really come to meet a man and enjoy. As for the others like Neptune, Makati etc, they are a bit different. Women don’t get all over you at first go. They appear to be more selective and some are more content with being a part of their group rather than hook up with someone. Some come because they have nothing else to do on a Sunday afternoon. I have seen some sleeping in the corner to the blaring sounds of the DJ whom I will say again is far below standard. There are times you can get knocked back because they are more interested in being with their friends. May be Central is either too hot or too cold for them.  Occasionally you might find a single girl in the crowd. Few possibilities here and the first is she is a Freelancers. Again, this is very rare because Freelancers don’t usually show up for afternoon parties in Hong Kong.

Cover Charge

So what’s with the cover charge for afternoon parties? The official version is “Men $500, Women $100” but they use their discretion to charge or not to. If you are a single white guy who doesn’t look like one who will empty his wallet then you will be charged if not you go free. They love the Japanese but you don’t get that many for some strange reason. I am told they don’t like the Koreans. If you are in a group of white guys, seem extremely happy and not nervous, they will even change the bloody carpet! If you are dark skinned (not Black) no matter if you come single or in a group you will be charged.

Unfortunately a group of Indians have created a perception that Indians are stingy buggers. Sadly it impacts the genuine people. Anyone with that skin colour is considered an Indian and considered a stingy bugger! There are groups of 4 who try to get away by buying one bottle of Beer to share! Seriously? So they are made to pay $500 and given a free drink. I will not deliberate if it is a majority or minority. However, this behavior is disgraceful and it results in all brown colored guys being considered Indians and all perceived to be stingy buggers. The same is true for Bangkok. These women are not going to pay $100 to get in and no they will not be charged. They are the attraction at the bar. They sell the drinks. I will say more about the Tequila or the Ladies Drink later on. Also if you go in as a couple, and I mean accompanied by a lady you picked up at another bar, you will get in free. Same theory!

Next up…

Sure there is lot more to write about Wan Chai and I have just only started. I said about one type of bar/pub/disco which is either in the basement or the first floor. How about the ones that are on the street. I haven’t spoken about the street walkers and where they hang out. I haven’t spoken about the Hookers or the Freelancers who don’t street walk. Neither have I spoken about the various web sites and the massage parlors. The list is endless but, I think it is about time I end this post (before the post becomes a book) for now and catch up with Wan Chai 2!


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