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If you landed on this page out of the blues, it means you have not yet seen the first 2 posts on Wan Chai. Yes, there is Wan Chai 1 and Wan Chai 2. This is the third post specific to Wan Chai in 2019. There are lots more to read about Hong Kong and the fun and sex life in Hong Kong. I did say before in the first Hong Kong post that Hong Kong is actually a very fascinating place. The fun side of Hong Kong is run by expats. Wan Chai its self is an interesting place. There are plenty of bars where you can pick up women for fun. Bar 109 where the women don’t take more than a few minutes to kiss you! Guess what! They are not locals. Street Walkers are in plenty. But gone are the days that street walkers used to be low class scantily clad women. You can find some stunners out there.

Street Walkers

Wan Chai street walkers mainly come from the Philippines but added into the mix are those from Thailand, Indonesia, African countries and may be an isolated local but in Wan Chai good English is a must. So that rules out the locals. In the mix are plenty of Lady boys, She males, Transsexuals, whatever you like to call them. Some of them look pretty much female until you talk to them and then you get a hint that they are not. Hence you better watch out. The going rate for Street Walkers or Freelancers is about $2000 (Hong Kong). Can be a bit more or less and remember it is not a department store – you can bargain.

Most street walkers usually hang around the intersection of Jaffe Road and Luard Road, outside Amazonia, Taboo and Sparks. From this intersection, they extend up to the intersection of Jaffe Road and Fenwick Street passing the areas outside Jo Bananas and Escape (which is closer to Fenwick). Street Walkers on Luard Road extend up to the intersection of Lockhart Road. Also you will find them around Lockhart Road up to the intersection of Lockhart and Fenwick. This is the stretch of road you find Neptune III. If you get in front of Amazonia, you will see a lot. However, it is not as much as Nana Plaza in Bangkok. The numbers out there are much higher.

Someone once asked me where the Indians are. Well the answer is you don’t get Indians. There have been isolated reports of a few around the Chungking Mansion area but I have personally not seen them. Thai citizens are granted a visa for 30 days. Citizens of Philippines are given 14 days. Indonesians are given 30 days. Holders of Indian or Bangladeshi passports can inter Hong Kong for 14 days but I am yet to meet a street walker from India.

Now the sad part thanks to the invent of the smart phone, majority of them are on their phones rather than trying to make conversation on a regular basis. All of a sudden, they wake up! I would think they would be better off talking to people than the phone. However, some have exchanged phone numbers with previously found clients and they are hoping to be “Pinged” by one of them. Well… my point of view, I would rather try a different one the second night. After all they are street walkers or freelancers out to make some money through a lifestyle. Some are also on websites and waiting for someone to message.

Let’s see what the street walkers look like. There are a serious of walkabout videos that are simply put, walking about with a video camera on. You can see people and you can hear conversations. Yes, I meet street walkers when I walk about. Yes, I talk to them. Yes, I get hassled. No, I haven’t taken any but have been tempted to do so. Point is, if I did, I will lose time for my walkabout. But I have bought some a drink at a nearby bar to get some information. Guess what happens, they are caught on camera! Watching the videos, you will see street walkers approaching me and then conversations start only when they are out of the video.

Here are some photos and you can see there are some stunners out there as well. Just one point to clarify and that is that all of whom I have identified as street walkers are those who approached me or at least smiled or made suggestive gestures.

Street Walker from the Philippines tells her story

One street walker from the Philippines that I met told me her story. She came to Hong Kong to make some money because the daughter is starting school and school fees have to be paid. So her intention was to make enough money to return back to the Philippines and be able to pay school fees. Did the plan seem to work? Probably not. It is Chinese New Year. The crowds on the street don’t appear to be as much as normal. May be she picked the wrong time.

There are travel agents who arrange everything for them. Little do they tell them as to when they should go and when not to. How their travel to Hong Kong is arranged is very similar to anyone else. Well they are coming on vacation. For us who have Western Passports there is not much asked at immigration. Probably nothing ever asked. However, for them it is not the case. I will cover all of this in a post called “My Night Time Girl Friend”. Why my night time girlfriend? Because I had a different one for the day! Yes, Sam is a naughty boy.

The women from Zanzibar

On one of my Wan Chai visits, I came across a women from a place called Zanzibar. Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous region of Tanzania. It is composed of the Zanzibar Archipelago in the Indian Ocean, 25–50 kilometres off the coast of the mainland, and consists of many small islands and two large ones: Unguja and Pemba Island. The capital is Zanzibar City, located on the island of Unguja. The cheapest I see today is about US$ 775 on Emirates with 15 hours of flying. So why would someone from Zanzibar come all the way to Hong Kong and street walk? To make some money. But Hong Kong? Beats me!

Hong Kong seems to be a very popular destination or they are being ripped off. This women (somewhat a good looking one) was spending a week in Hong Kong and then going to Guangzhou. Guangzhou is a sprawling city northwest of Hong Kong. You can take a train to the border city of Shenzhen and then a train to Guangzhou. She spends a week in Guangzhou and then goes back home. So has she managed to make what she wanted? The answer is No.

She is a single mum and her mother is baby citing the daughter while she is out in Hong Kong trying to street walk and make some money. The mother does not know what she is doing in Hong Kong. She wanted $1500 (Hong Kong). I actually took her for a drink and gave her some cash as I found her wondering around for almost 3 hours without meeting someone and yes she looked pretty good to me.

Where to take your Freelancer

So you want to pick up a Street Walker and take her to your hotel? Just be mindful that some hotels are quite vigilant on who walks into the hotel at night. Officially, visitors should be registered. Sometimes they may not ask or may not notice. If you want to sneak her in I suggest that you do make it look as if it is your partner or wife. Keep talking while you walk in. Hold hands, look at each other and not somewhere else. Make sure she does not look around but keeps eye contact with you. Give her the access card to hold in her hand. That’s a chance you might get in discreetly.

They usually have some form of sign that says “Visitor Registration”. That’s possibly all that you see. This to me is an indication that it is expected visitors should be registered. It is also a sign that people usually do bring in visitors. Who else would one bring in at night other than an Escort or Freelancer? Well, you could have picked up a genuine office worker or a tourist somewhere in Hong Kong. Always a possibility.

There are other options to your own hotel. There are plenty of short time rooms for rent. Way back in 2006 I went into one of them. No idea where but my girl… oh well the girl I picked up took me. The Freelancers pretty much know where they are and they organize it. It is pretty much the same in Bangkok. A great possibility for short time hotels is the Chungking Mansion in Kowloon. No you don’t need to go all the way.

Massage Parlours

Massage Parlours or Massage Shops are all over the place. Just get onto Lockhart Road and you will see them in plenty. Look up and you will see the glittering neon lights. The websites like 141hongkong.com I spoke about in a previous post (and will talk about more in another post) also have massage listings and point you to specific locations. Finding an address in Hong Kong can be a nightmare. Hence, they even show photos of the surrounding areas and doorways.

I followed one of them into Queens Road East. . Then she came up with $1000. You must be F…ing kidding me! I walked away and she never bothered to ask me to stay. Compare that with what the Freelancers in Wan Chai would charge. Or if you are nervous about picking up a street walker, compare with what one in a bar would charge. The Massage shops are a rip off. Especially when they cant even speak a word of English.

The 1st floor at 105 – 107 Queen’s Road E., Wan Chai had about 8 units. There were a few massage shops, a hairdressing salon and a beauty salon added to the mix. Walkabout Hong Kong Video 6 is a must see if you are interested in the Massage Shops. Notice the extremely limited communication skills.

One-Women Brothels and Walk-up buildings

I am not a legal expert but here’s what I read. Prostitution in Hong Kong is legal, but organised prostitution is illegal. Keeping establishments causing another person to be a prostitute is illegal. Living on the prostitution of others is illegal. Which means being a pimp is illegal. Running a Brothel is illegal. But if lady x wants to be a prostitute on her own she can be. At least this is what I understand. So this is where the so called One-Women Brothels or Walk-up Brothels come into play.

A Brothel by definition is a place where people engage in sexual activity with prostitutes. Technically, any premises where prostitution commonly takes place qualifies as a brothel. In this case, a Women rents a small unit/flat/apartment/studio (and extremely small at that) and works as a prostitute.  There are buildings where majority of the flats are rented by prostitutes. I should be calling them Freelancers but for some reason I prefer prostitute!

Fuji Building

One such large building in Hong Kong is in Wan Chai. It is the famous Fuji Building. 381-383 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong to be precise. Fuji building has the largest number of one-women brothels or shall we simply say sex-service providers in Hong Kong. There is no indication outside that it is a red light building. Yes, I have been to the building but unfortunately not the occasion that I had my camera with me. The building its self is 22 floors and 18 of them are one-women brothels.

What most people would do is to take the small elevators to the 22nd floor and start walking down. For one it is easier to walk down and the second point you know when to stop walking down. Or else you will not know where to start! Women usually start to work around 3pm in the afternoon and work till very late in the night.  It is either Hong Kong Chinese or Mainland Chinese who work in the building. However, there are said to be few from the Philippines, Thailand and the Russian countries. They are individual flats and there is nothing stopping them from being used as holiday accommodation. The question is how you find those who are from the Philippines or Thailand. I know! I will cover that in a separate post as it applies very broadly to Hong Kong and not just to Wan Chai.

Keep in mind that majority (and very large majority) of local Chinese cannot speak English and these establishments mainly cater to the local population. There is nothing to stop foreigners going there and they actually do. Use sign language to communicate if necessary. That will help! Usually on the cards is a blow job with or without condom and sex with condom. There will be no fancy foreplay or GFE style services. These women are eager to get it done and move on.

How it works is easy. Most of them have a photo or some indication of who is inside. Knock and you shall find out. Go in and start talking. Keep in mind they are Chinese and they will hassle you to stay. All of them have basic shower facilities and you will usually get a new towel. It is a point you need to check and as you walk in, if you take a quick look around you will see a stack of towels. The first thing that you need to do is make sure you get new towel. There are services in Hong Kong that Launder, Seal and Deliver towels. So usually what you will see is a stack of sealed towels very similar to what you will get in a Business Class lounge at an airport.  


Although nothing related to sex, I found another interesting venue in Wan Chai. That is a place called Ophelia. It is a performance venue for the sophisticated. It is Hong Kong’s pre-eminent entertainment and performance destination with drinks served in a very unique space. Ophelia has several daily performances. You will see something happening any time including a show by a Drag Queen. Drag is not the most popular in Hong Kong. However, there was one darg show which was relatively acceptable which I will cover in the post on Lan Kwai Fong.

Well, that’s Wan Chai, Hong Kong. All in all, it is quite an interesting place and you do get some quality as well. The advantage of Wan Chai, Hong Kong is you can get onto the street or into a bar and come across many nationalities in one night. Easy as that.


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