My Night Time Girlfriend

So you must be wondering what the story of the Night Time Girl Friend is. During my stays in Hong Kong, I usually hit Bar 109 on Sundays and Public holidays during the day. Well until evening when it is time for my Day Time Girl Friend who is always a Domestic Helper has to go back home. So what do I do in the night! Hit the venues like Neptune III, Hong Kong Café or Sparks. Not necessarily Makati if they slug me a cover charge. Neptune III, Wan Chai is my favorite as they usually have a good band playing there other than on Sunday Evening.

Neptune III is quite a popular Hooker Spot on Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Neptune III

This stay in Hong Kong was 7 nights. Pretty long I must say for Hong Kong. On my first evening I was instantly met by two Filipino girls. They didn’t seem like freelancers as otherwise both will not hit me at the same time. They both were pretty good so bought one drink each and began to talk. So comes round 2. No! Only for one girl this time. Had to make a choice. I made my choice – Samantha. Funny enough. I am Sam and She is Samantha! Not sure why she didn’t call herself Sam. Until I made my selection, it was “By me a drink”. Then the selected one (Samantha) said buy her a drink (referring to the fried). Very cheeky. Have seen that before.

So I began to chat and then we had a few more drinks and danced and had fun. At the end of the night it was 6 drinks. Total $960 (Hong Kong) and if you read my post Wan Chai 3, you will know she gets $600 off that. Now, conversation starts as to what I am doing tomorrow and if I am coming to the bar and so on. So I exchanged numbers to keep in touch and meet her the day after. I wanted to skip day 2 because wanted to try somewhere else. Next night, I get messages. “Are you coming to Neptune?” Why, I ask. It’s boring. There is no one there. Sorry honey this is Hong Kong. It’s Monday and people have to go to work. Only the Freelancers fill up Neptune! Hard Luck Donald Duck! She asked why you don’t come even for a short time. Hmmmmm Nah! Tomorrow (day 3).

Went to Neptune on Day 3. She charged at me the time I entered and there goes the first drink. So I said, yesterday I spent $960 on drinks and you got only $600. Why don’t we go somewhere else and I will give you some cash. She said ok and I went out for her to follow soon (as usual, had to go to the toilet). When I went out, I had a chat with the guy outside and I said, she wanted to try out another bar so will go somewhere. The guy said you are lucky these girls are very new here. Ok so she is not very seasoned. Got the message.

So we met outside and She said you will give me $900? Hang on a minute. Then she calculated and said, you spent $960 yesterday so it is cheaper for you. No not that way. You got only $600 so it is better for you if I give you $650! Oppps! Good calculation. So I settled for $700 and two glasses of wine. I made it clear, no Tequila.

So we went to Hong Kong Café another good bar in Wan Chai. This is where the all-girl band was and yes they were fabulous. A waitress came by. Something told me the waitress is not Filipino. Any way my smart ass girl decided to talk to her in Tagalog, the language of the Philippines. Surprise! Surprise! The Waitress said sorry I am not Filipino and I don’t understand. Oh! I am so sorry… I thought you were a Filipino, you look like Filipino… Well honey, the Philippines is not the world. This is Hong Kong. Ok so what are you having? Tequila! Sorry… No Tequila. Remember the deal (am I dating a Gold Fish with short term memory loss or she is just playing games). Oh yes, I forgot, I will have red wine. Young lady, you better watch out. I am damn sharp and not drunk.

The Waitress turned out to be a Nepalese. She was quite different to the rest. I also figured out that it is very common for the Filipinos to think she is one of their kind and talk to her in Tagalog. She understood that she was talking Tagalog which also means there are lots of them!  

As the night goes on I am slow on my Beer. She is slow on her wine. Ha ha… now you know why. If she finishes the two glasses of wine, she gets no more. If she wants to go early she does not get paid the $700. But she was hurrying me to finish my beer. I said why? I want to get you drunk. Yeah… you get me drunk and I order Tequila for you. Nah! Wont work.

Any way, we called it a night and arranged to meet on Night 5. Why not tomorrow? Sorry, I got dinner with my business clients and it will be very late. Do you need a partner for you dinner? Nope! Again I got messages on day 5 to confirm I am coming. She said she needed the money? For what? To buy a ticket back to the Philippines. Well… that didn’t seem right to me. Any way I met her on Day 5. Same way but not to a bar but to the room first and then to the bar. This is where I uncovered the full story.

She sells clothes back home in the Philippines. Lives about 2 hours from Manila. She has come to Hong Kong on vacation. Oh well…. But to earn some Money to pay for the holiday as well. She does not want to work as a freelancer. So the only way is to work at the bar. Neptune III being famous for that. Remember in a previous post I talked about the Tequila shots and the girls get $100 of the $160. Well that’s what they do. So she didn’t have the money to buy her ticket back. Unless I came few days to a dead bar, and paid or bought her drinks, she would have not got anything.

The little that I know of immigration anywhere not just Hong Kong, unless you come in on a Western Passport from countries such as the UK, US, Europe, Canada, Australia, immigration will most likely question you. If you are a single guy, you probably are better off. If you are a women… hmmm. They will want to make sure that you are genuinely spending your vacation in Hong Kong or any other county for that matter. There are obvious questions they ask. A return ticket, hotel booking confirmation, some amount of cash or a credit card if not. Especially if you fly with a budget airline, you are more likely to be questioned. She had all of that with her including a pre-booking for Disney Land. Well then why did she need money to buy a ticket?

So I asked, you had a ticket and you said you need to buy a ticket to go back home. I had a dummy. What? A dummy ticket, hotel booking, bank statement and all that. I had to pay and the travel agent got it for me. Jesus Christ! The travel agent got you  “dummies” for all that so you can come to Hong Kong? Yes! Young Lady! What you call a dummy is a Fake. Even accommodation is arranged. There is a flat that they stay in. They only get bed space. So there are about 4 beds (2 Bunk Beds) in a room and that’s about all that can fit into the room. Again, arranged by the travel agent.

Don’t the authorities know about this? Well, I really don’t think it is going to be feasible for anyone to check every single document at the airport. Unless you have to get a visa before you travel. That will in turn impact the tourist industry in Hong Kong and it is the same with many countries. However, I am told that cops occasionally raid the bars. A few female cops under cover and if they feel suspicious they will shut it off and do a check. However, what they are after are people over staying visas i.e. breaching immigration laws. It’s the women they are after. Your buying drinks for the girls are not breaking any law.  Taking a girl out is not breaking the law (well from what I know). There is nothing called a Bar fine here. May be a different story with the GoGo bars but I will not go into that. So.. you want to enjoy Hong Kong…. Don’t let this paragraph stop you. It does not stop me.

Finally, it was time to say good bye to my Night Time Girl Friend in Hong Kong. Possibly never to see her again. Yes, there is Whatsapp. She was on it for a few days after I left Hong Kong. Usual kisses, hugs, all that routine completed, I say bye! See you later (or really not). Messaged a couple of times even after I left and she says, “I miss you babe”. Sorry honey, you miss my money not me! Haven’t you met anyone else? No. It’s boring. There is hardly anyone in the bar.

Then she started money conversation again. “Babe I don’t have any money, I have to go back and I need Money”, “can you send me”. “Please babe”. “I need money to go back”. Sorry honey my ATM stops to work as soon as I leave Hong Kong! I did my calculation back again. At the point of leaving, She had her ticket (and she actually showed me the ticket she bought), her accommodation was fully paid. Last day she got $700 from me (and she had some cash with her). The meal she has at the noodle bar cost $25 and when I pay she orders more! She needs transport to the airport By airport express it is $100. She had only 4 more days in Hong Kong. So technically, she can survive.

Never mind who, what, when, where, these women think that we are ATMs with unlimited cash. They will have some story to ask for money. I actually made a mistake. When she showed me the ticket, I said you are going Cebu Pacific. She asked me what airline I am flying with and I said Cathay Pacific. Sam you are stupid! The immediate conclusion was I was rich! I actually checked the airfare from Hong Kong to Manila and yes Cebu Pacific was the cheapest. Cathay was double.

So those are the facts about my Night Time Girl Friend in Hong Kong. As for my day time Girl Friend, I did pick her up at… yes you guessed it right, Bar 109 and she is a domestic helper. She is a good girl and I do spend quite a bit of time with her when I am in Hong Kong. I have to be careful going to Bar 109 in case she shows up. The problem is I go to Bar 109 to hookup and I have nothing else to do. She can go to Bar 109 to smoke without hooking up with a man. However, I manage to sneak in on a day or so.

Now remember that I do time my holidays with Hong Kong holidays or else Bar 109 is useless. She does ask for money too. Once to buy an iPhone. I said you already have a working phone. Why you need iPhone. No IPhone is better. Yeah so what! Earn for it. No I want it now. I can’t wait. Bloody hell! They can not distinguish between Essentials and Luxuries. They just think that a man will give her anything she wants.

What I manage to do very successfully is to switch between my Night Time Girl Friend and Day Time Girl Friend because the Night Time girl is on vacation and does not go to Bar 109 or go anywhere else during the day. The Day Time girl is a Domestic Helper and she goes to Bar 109. I can really forget the Day Time Girl when I get out of Hong Kong and my next visit the chances of she recognizing me at Bar 109 even if she is trying to hook up with someone is slim. Bar 109 is dark.

Remember no matter what if you keep in contact, the girl will ask for money. If you give, she will ask again and again and again. Let it be Hong Kong, Bangkok or Manila, it will happen.  


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