Hook-up and have fun in Hong Kong

So Lets say you want to hook-up and have fun. Ok…. Let me cut the crap. You want to hook-up and have sex! We’ll let it be sexual fun or not, there are easy ways to hook up. Please remember that sex no matter which city you are in must be consensual. Do not engage in Sex unless your partner (or shall I say the catch you found) agrees. Ok, so that is out of the way!

Let’s start with one of my favorite hotspots in Wan Chai which I have spoken about endless times and gone endless times and will go endless times! Bar 109. Now just in case I you missed the post on Bar 109, go check it out or if I’am talking to Nimo…. Bar 109 turns itself into a Disco on a Sunday morning…. Yes, it is right, Sunday morning! That’s the day the Hong Kong domestic helpers have their off day. It turns into a disco not at night but in the morning. Again…. Just before you think I am some form of a maniac, I have actually never taken someone out of there straight into the room for sex. I have indeed met someone and gone out for lunch ect. And had some good times but well… the possibilities are endless. Trust me you only have to propose.  

Sunday Morning Disco – Bar 109

The only country I have come across that has a disco during the morning. Singapore does have them in the afternoon. The girls I have met at Bar 109 over the years are after a good time. They want to enjoy. It’s as simple as that. Where you go is up-to you. You can take her for lunch, sightseeing, anything and even to the room for a good time. No matter which girl you pick, she will walk hand in hand with you. The girls at Bar 109 are not Escorts or Hookers. They genuinely have a visa to work in Hong Kong. They are not after money for play. So you don’t have to be embraced in any way if the cops jump on you. Just kidding! What I am saying is they are in Hong Kong legally. But, it is just a done thing you buy your Bar 109 girl a nice present and treat her well. It’s only a nice thing to do. But be mindful of long term relationships. Then there should be money to do the talking.

Do they want Money?

I did say they are not working for money! Yes, try… but (here’s the unwritten catch) one thing is common with these women and I am sure it is much the same in many countries. They will want to move from Samsung to iPhone and just not an iPhone but the latest. They will want perfumes. The things that they want can be endless. They will want to change jobs because the current job has too much to do and in the interim they need to go to Macau. For that they need money. I never ever get my head around their thinking. We as tourists save to go out there on holiday. Fortunately for me my budget can be a bit high. Not so for everyone. Their perception of a tourist is a person with an unlimited cash flow. They think you are an ATM that can dispense endless cash without a card! But we have to work hard to earn it. Nah… not in their books!

Wan Chai

The rest of Wan Chai venues are not really for Hookup but you can try your luck on a Sunday or public holiday which also happens to be the eve of a public holiday. Complicated? If Monday is a public holiday, then you can try the Sunday night. If Tuesday and Wednesday are public holidays, you can try Tuesday night. Don’t try Monday night you will be wasting your time. Keep in mind that cover charge may apply.

Lan Kwai Fong

Lan Kwai Fong is an area in Central, Hong Kong known for its nightlife. Today, it is a very popular expat haunt in Hong Kong for drinking, clubbing and dining. A Street in the area actually closes on Friday and Saturday evenings to make way for the large crowds. Being an expat haunt and somewhat a tourist haunt, it is not unlikely you can hit upon a lady out for some fun. Actually, the chances are pretty good. This is potentially a good area to pick up and be picked up! It is an area you will not find Escorts or Hookers soliciting. So no street walkers, freelancers and the likes of it.

The Hi-Tech Era

In this Hi-Tech era where a smart phone is a necessity, you will be surprised not to find ways of hooking up on-line. Just to make it clearer I will break up the online resources into groups. First are the resources that you can find genuine girls to hook-up with even if it is only for sex. The next category is the sites which are meant for Hookers and the like, making money off their ad and the third is a more elite group known as escorts.

I will deal with the first group as “Free Sex” in this post and deal with the next in other posts. I will look at the hook-up sites where you will usually find people who are genuinely trying to hook up. There is a reasonable chance there will be an overlap of the kind of people whom you can hook up with. For example a site called Adult Friend Finder which has been in existence for a very long time and is an old faithful, is supposed to have only genuine adult contacts. However, there are chances that hookers or escorts can sneak in and operate discreetly.

Online Sites

Adult Friend Finder or AFF is the old faithful for many years. It has been there for a very long time and is indeed very much active. If you are a frequent traveler or travel to multiple cities just the way I do, Adult Friend Finder is very useful because it is global and is popular in all cities. Be mindful that language can sometimes be an issue especially in Asian countries. Still the possibilities are endless. Adult Friend Finder membership is quite widespread. There are people who are only interested in hard sex, and then there are people who are interested in more of a Girl Fried Style Experience. Depends on what you are prepared to offer and what you want back! So you need to look at the profiles bit more before you contact.

Resources: The siteAdult Friend Finder AnalysisAdult Friend Finder Hong Kong

BDSM & Alternate Lifestyles Personals site – Alt.com is site similar to quite similar to AdultFriendFinder.com which is targeted mainly at the BDSM and Alternate Lifestyle community. The profiles at alt.com can be much different to Adult Friend Finder. Similar to Adult Friend Finder, alt.com is very useful because it is global and is popular in all cities. To get straight to the point, the site is for people who are interested in whipping, Caning Cross-dressing, Face sitting, Fire play, Food Play, Foot fetish….. I can go on and on because there is said to be a list of 239 Sexual Fetishes and Kinks. Anything from mild to disgusting (for a lack of a better word). Be warned, if you decide to take a look around alt.com, be prepared for some rough times. So if you are faint hearted, I suggest you give it a miss.

Resources: The siteAlt.com AnalysisAlt.com Hong Kong

No Strings Attached is the third of the sites. The site is nostringsattached.com and No Strings Attached is exactly what it means! Having fun without strings. Do you want the girl you hook up with to tie a string on you and make you’re her boyfriend from hour 1 in bed? No I guess… well may be you even have one of those back home! Talking of tying a string, I went to Bar 109 and hooked up with a girl. Planned to meet the next morning at Bar 109 again (remember the public holiday scenario). I went there and a girl said, “your girlfriend is getting late… be with me till she comes”. Girlfriend? What girlfriend? “Mimi came and said if my man comes, tell him I have to do something and will come by about 11”. “My Man”, My ass…. Sorry honey… the string is too short! Any way let’s get back to the subject. NoStringsAttached.com is not so much popular for travellers. You will be better off with Adult Friend Finder. Any way worth giving it a try!

Resources: The site NoStringsAttached.com analysis

Gay Community

Hong Kong does have something for the Gay community as well. There is a reasonable Gay or LGBT movement in Hong Kong although the acceptance may not be as wide as the western world. There are Gay bars around Hong Kong with Petticoat Lane being the premier venue. If you want to hook up online, the site that you should be looking at is outpersonals.com and I am sure if you will be lucky enough to find the person you want. I actually met a couple in one of the Wan Chai bars who had met on outpersonals.com

Other Information

If you have interests in other sites such as the Cam sites with models from Hong Kong then you can look at a resource Adult Links Hong Kong for a quick overview of them. There are obviously many more similar sites, but I do not want to comment on them without checking them out.

So much so for sites that are potentially good for you to hook up online. There are quite a few sites that you can find hookers (both local and foreign) that I will deal with in a later post.

Resources: Adult Links Hong Kong


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