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Paying for sex in Hong Kong like many other cities is exactly that. Paying for sex! Or in other words, paying a hooker, free lance sex worker, prostitutes or what ever term you want to call a person who is in the sex industry (just being a bit polite here). Lets understand something. Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world and the joke is that the indication for the worst period of unemployment is cobwebs around a women’s leg. I know it is cruel… but its just a joke. OK, we should respect women and then so do we respect Prostitutes! For some, prostitution is the need for money. For another group it is a part of a lifestyle! Wow…. who would have considered the scenario that some are working as prostitutes or escorts just because they like it.

Anyway as this post goes, I deal with paying for sex online. Enough is said about streetwalkers, freelancers and what not you want to call them. Read more about them in the Wan Chai post. Lets look at finding ladies of leisure online. Once again, remember that apart from the majority of sex works in Hong Kong who are local Hong Kong people and from mainland China, there are also those who have come from well…. anywhere. Philippines, Africa, Russia may be just a few to name. Do not be surprised if you find a sex worker from Australia, United Kingdom or Europe. Well… to be honest there are quite a few. But how do you find them….. read on.

In this post I deal with those who are independent or at least pretend to be independent. When I say pretend, don’t be surprised if there is a pimp behind them even if it is illegal in Hong Kong. I am not a legal expert but here’s what I read. Prostitution in Hong Kong is legal, but organised prostitution is illegal. Keeping establishments causing another person to be a prostitute is illegal. Living on the prostitution of others is illegal. Which means being a pimp is illegal. Running a Brothel is illegal. But if lady x wants to be a prostitute on her own she can be. At least this is what I understand. Which means the locals are free to advertise their services. Well… I am guessing here. If you are a women, please don’t read this and decide to advertise and blame me for something. Do you own research!

Popular Local Websites

When I say popular local websites I am referring predominantly to the sites that are meant for locals. Locals, because they are really for locals. They are mainly in Chinese. Not necessarily that they are hosted in Hong Kong – they could be anywhere. Technically a website could be anywhere. At the rate the world is going now, who knows we will be hosting websites on the Moon. Then I guess no one can shut it down like what the US agencies did to a site called backpage! There are 3 sites that are popular and I will list them bellow. does have an English version and let me show you and then I try to explain

Hong Kong English Front Page escorts prostitutes hookers Chinese

Notice the 4 areas of N.T. (Northern Territory), KLN (Kowloon), HK (Hong Kong island) and Shenzhen. Shenzhen is actually in China just across the Border and you might get a big fat surprise if you try to cross the border and go to Shenzhen as although you can go to Hong Kong without a visa you may not be able to go to China. Further more if you do click on Shenzhen you see a message ‘No Girl in 深圳 Yet, Please Wait!’ Notice that each area is broken down further. For example Hong Kong is divided into many areas such as Sai Wan, Sheung Wan, Central, Wan Chai, Causeway bay ect. In Wan Chai, I find only 2 girls and none in Central. As a matter of fact I find only 18 in Hong Kong as compared to 575 in Kowloon. So now you know where the 148 girls are! Into the mix are services such as foot massage. Do not be fooled by the term ‘massage’. It could mean a lot more than just a massage which is not really a massage anyway! Lets look at one of the profiles!

Hong Kong escorts prostitutes hookers Chinese San Cantonese kowloon

There is a bit of information on the profile such as age, (sometimes it is not given), Height, Body size, address and phone number. Notice the 148 tip: “Remember to ask clearly what the girl can do for you 🙂“. Hello owners of 148, thank you so much for your kind reminder. It is so kind of you to remind the world to ask the girl what she will do for us except that she may not speak a word of ENGLISH! So good luck my friends. Notice the address: Rm xxx, 1/F, No 68-70 Un Chau Street, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon (MTR D2 Exit). So how about you go find the address, walk upto 1st floor, go to what ever room: knock, knock, can I come in? hmmmm…. Dont be too excited about it!

Some buildings (other than what is known as the walk up buildings) are secure buildings and no matter if you know the room, you will have to buzz from the ground floor. Then would she understand English? Not too sure of that too. But if you can get into the building, then you can walk up and ring the bell. Forget it if she does not answer. They have CCTV all over the place. So the girl can see you before she opens the door. Most important of all is how you locate the building. Finding an address in Hong Kong is a perfect nightmare. Google really can not pin point the exact location in Hong Kong in most cases. Having said all, as for tourist friendliness, this site is more or less a no go! is comparatively a more tourist friendly site.

Hong Kong Front Page Profiles Ahbi, Cat, Micky, ChingChing, Winnie, Lam Lam, Hong Niang

As you can see from the picture, the site has a little more to select from. The structure is very much the same. There are 3 areas, N.T. (Northern Territory), KLN (Kowloon) and HK (Hong Kong island) and those are really the 3 areas in Hong Kong. Each area is broken down further. For example Hong Kong is divided into many areas such as Sai Wan, Sheung Wan, Central, Wan Chai, Causeway bay ect. But again, there are only 8 in Hong Kong island and somewhere around 200 in Kowloon.

There is a very specific ‘English Speaking‘ link. Clicking on the link brought down the number of girls to below 80. Once again, not very Tourist friendly but still, something better than nothing. There is a good search facility where you can search by Language (Cantonese, Mandarin, English, Japanese, Korean,Thai), Area, Service Hours and a few more things and interestingly cup size! The options for cup size are starting from 34″ to 48″ and from cup size B to G! OMG…. G? Well…. I did get 2 with 48G, and about 7 with 38E. Well….. no English!

Interestingly, the selection criteria also has two options for “24 hour availability” which means if you feel horny at 3am, there is a possibility you can find someone and option for “upon appointment”. So whatever may be said, you know for sure those upon appointment you should not waste your time visiting without an appointment. I looked at “24 hour availability” and ended up with around 60 choices and only 11 that required appointment. So what does Hall-Yee’s profile look like.

Hong Kong Profile Cantonese Kowloon 5'5" 36D

Notice there is no phone number and there is an address including the flat number. Also she speaks English. Not quite sure how much but I am sure you can at-least say ‘Blow job’. So this is a typical walk-up (again, remember the possibility of having to buzz from the gate but the photos might give you indication of that).

Something good about is that there is a proper map on how to get there. At-least the profiles I looked had something you can actually follow. also did have some stamp size photos and a google picture which doesn’t give you any proper direction whatsoever. Well… all in all this is a better site compared to

Hong Kong map Hall-Yee street address google map

The ‘141’ family has a few of the sites and another one is However, the English version of the site has nothing more than the Menu and date in English. Profiles appear to be in Chinese. The site is more or less a blog style hence I shall not go into it.

Hong Kong bloogers prostitutes, hookers, escorts is much more traveler friendly. The site has English version you can really get straight into without getting your self a magnifying glass and looking for the English option. This for me seems to be the pick of the selection.

Hong Kong Tsuen Wan, Yuen Long, Sham Shui Po, Price Edward, Sai Wan, Tin Hau, North Point

Similar to the other sites, also is broken down into NT, KLN (for Kowloon) and HK. The site also has direct filters such as ‘Serve Foreigners’, ’24 hours’, ‘141 walk-ups’ ect. Another option is ‘pp-Indo Maids’ which I would assume to be part time maids who offer their services on a Sunday. I kind of find this a bit hard to believe. In comparison, going by the numbers indicated, the site appears to give better coverage with 343 in Kong Kong and 896 in Kowloon. If I were to click on the famous Yau Ma Tai area I see a list of 17 but that number could change depending on availability.

Hong Kong, 561 Nathan Road, Nathan Apt, Mei Lan Bldg, Prospect Bldg, Chak Fung Hse

If I go into the profile of Em015Nana, I notice that there is ‘please make an appointment’ apart from size, height and all that are required. Make note of the comment (or should I say just ignore it) ‘For making an appointment, please mention that “it is referred from 141!” for a better service ‘. It is there everywhere and it will not make a scrap of a difference!

Hong Kong profile Em015Nana Yau Ma Tei (Honey Girl) Thai English Whatsapp

Notice the category call ‘141 walk-ups’. This is exactly what it means. They are simply in walk-up buildings. Notice that specific address is given.

Hong Kong Flat 103, 2/F, 101-103 Tai Nan St. Price Edward, Chinese Cantonese Mandarin

If you click on the address its-self it shows you list of walk-up buildings. Now I know that “Honey Girl” and “Outcall massage” are really not buildings.

Hong Kong walk-ups Far East, Granville, Hai Phong, Han Hing, Hankow, Hankward, Humphreys, Lee Mansion, Kam ma

Further, in walk-up profiles, there is also a map with clickable photos that tell you how to find your way which can be an absolute nightmare in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Map Flat 103, 2/F, 101-103 Tai Nan St. Price Edward, Chinese Cantonese Mandarin

There are also few Russians on the site. But only a minority of Russians. There were no Africans! So where are they. Chungking mansion is said to be a prime location for one women brothels. But where do they list themselves? Surely not 141? Remember that plenty of profiles do not have addresses!

Website Ranking

To get an idea how the different sites stack up in terms of popularity, I looked at the Alexa ranking and actually did this after I researched the sites. was my favorite and that came up as 259th in Hong Kong, so my analysis was very good after all. came up with 1,916th in Hong Kong, came up as 484th and came up as 2620th. Given all that I would stick with Now in comparison, and this comparison may look stupid but any way: came up as 16th in China, as 927th in China, as 16th in the world and as no. 2 in the world. Not really relevant, any way but some fancy stats.

Other Web Sites

The popular local websites mainly cater to the local community. Apart of that there are several other websites I will touch on. If you are upto date with news, sometime ago a famous (I would say market leader) site called backpage was raided by the FBI, website shut down, people arrested…. and all that jazz. Backpage was indeed the market leader. In countries such as Australia where prostitution is legal, backpage was really the only site that they advertised on and basically the pros’ ran out of business and lost their livelihood. Another site, got the shivers and pulled out prostitution related categories! However, one site stood tall. They were not shaken up and I talk about them first. is one of the Yalawa sites. Yalawa is based in Wiesbaden, Germany and was founded by Klaus Gapp in 2006. Yalwa has launched three web applications in more than 65 countries. Locanto the classifieds site that makes buying or selling locally fun, Askalo the search engine for cars, jobs and homes and Yalwa that is said to be the first and last stop when searching in a local area for businesses. The key think is that the company is registered in Germany.

Locanto is an all purpose classified ads site. One of the categories is the ‘Personals’ which is broken up into ‘Long Term Relationships’, ‘Casual encounters’ and ‘Personal Services’. I have never looked into ‘Long Term Relationships’ and I am not quite convinced that one should be looking for a Long Term Relationship on a classified ads site! As for casual encounters do you expect that 1000+ women in Hong Kong are looking for a casual fling… Nah… they are majority escorts who are listing themselves under casual encounters. Finding one who is looking for a casual encounter in locanto would really be like looking for a needle in a haystack! Unless you are looking for a man!

Well…. Personal services is really what it means. Ok… why couldn’t they call it escorts! Personal Services are broken down into several categories: Escorts, Male Escorts, Transsexual Escorts, BDSM & Fetish, Massages, Strippers, Bars & Clubs, Erotic Photography, Jobs, Phone & Cam, Shopping and if you cant find what you are looking for – Other Erotic Services. I will point out that not all categories have ads related to the category. So for example, if I look at Strippers, the first that I see is an ad that says ” Im stunning to look and very dangerous when im wet soo call me”. Or really? hk has plenty of ads. Locanto is in English. Hence apart from fair % of Local Hong Kong People you will find touring escorts like the Russians, Africans and once I even found an Australian. However, there is also quite a large number from Philippines and Indonesia. Whoever can get a visa, you will find them there. Also there will be quite a few Escort Agencies who advertise for their staff. ok, wrong word! Escorts for whom they are agents for. Now, remember that organized prostitution is illegal. Well….. They are escorts. They take cash for accompanying you some where. I am not going to comment on what you do after that 🙂


Smooci is a fast growing site. It is indeed spreading its wings all around asia in Bangkok, Singapore, Manila and Hong Kong. They are also now lunching in other cities such as Berlin, London and Amsterdam. In each of the cities they have women and transgender links separately. Smooci is essentially, no talk, no bullshit, look, book site! You select the time, for how long, and it gives you list of ladies that are available. Select which one you want, look at the description and then book. End of story! There are some features that are available to only premium members just like any other site in the world. Not really my style to look, book but…. I guess for some this is acceptable.

Global Sites

There are quite a few sites that are more or less global sites and they have customized for the individual countries. I will not go into all of them individually. They are all pretty much the same so let me list them. Most of the escorts on these sites are not local. They come from wherever they can come without a visa. However, there is one thing that annoys the bloody hell out of me.

You spend your Saturday morning (and sometimes when your family is not at home) and scan through all the sites and pick out the hot looking women with Photoshoped images and contact them one by one. Only to find that they are no longer valid! Well… lets say a Filipino women goes to Hong Kong for 14 days (that’s all she can stay), places an ad in one of the sites, then after two weeks the ad is still on but not she! The ads done expire automatically unlike in Locanto. Even if you whatsapp, she will not answer. Talking of photoshoping, I have seen an image of a women without a belly button. They bloody photoshoted the Belly Button! is a site without ads. Surprise Surprise! Not a great selection but a reasonable number of listings. has a reasonable number of listings as well. It has a reasonably good lay out. One ad read “Darling, when was the last time you felt so desirable, sexy and virile after seeing a woman that you actually felt compelled to tell her: ‘Thank you for making me feel like a man again!’?”. If there is such a think called handcrafted ads like handcrafted chocolates, this may be one of them! is very similar to Massage Republic and snif.. snif.. something tells me they are owned by the same operator. operates in a few places such as Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Bangkok, Dubai, Istanbul, Qatar, Shanghai, Singapore, Taipei, Tokyo. Layout is much the same as the other sites. Not much of a difference. I actually can not find something different to write in any of the sites…. Just getting board with them now! is more in the lines of classified ads but not really. There is a clear distinction between premium ads and the ordinary ads. But they are all quite clear.

These are just a few of the sites that I looked at. However, if you google, I am sure you will find plenty more. There are indeed other options and that is to search twitter. Do you think that twitter is a all clean site? Ha ha…. you are wrong! Look at some of the potential tags: #Tgirl #escort #tranny #transexual #transsexual #mtf #Sex #Anal #WorkingWomen #trans. Same goes for linkedin. Do not be surprised of what you can find. The difference with them is that you really got to search through them and read in-between the lines. They will not be poked straight on your face!

Street Walkers

I have written enough about street walkers especially in a Wan Chai post so much so that I will not say it all over again. Or may be I simply say Wan Chai street walkers mainly come from the Philippines but added into the mix are those from Thailand, Indonesia & African countries. In the mix are plenty of Lady boys, She males, Transsexuals, whatever you like to call them. So if you really want to look at streetwalkers or freelancers, you should read the post on Wan Chai. Now why do I talk about street walkers on the post about paying for sex online? If you read the Wan Chai post on street walkers, I talk about how they are glued to the phone and they should be talking to people and not to the bloody phone! Including Locanto, the sites have apps. So they are also one the app and if someone was to message them, bang they respond and if it works out, they go off the street! Trust me they will respond faster than the cops do if you call saying your house was robbed!


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