Hong Kong Escort Agencies

Enough has been said about finding free sex in Hong Kong, Paying for sex in Hong Kong and the like. If you have read all my posts there is a 3rd group that I talk about. The escort agencies. Lets address one question. What is the difference between a prostitute and an escort? For some, there is absolutely no difference whatsoever. For some it is the difference in status of the person. Technically, it is very clear who a prostitute or Hooker (as lot of us call it) is but an Escort does not always mean escort for sex.
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Paying for Sex on-line

Paying for sex in Hong Kong like many other cities is exactly that. Paying for sex! Or in other words, paying a hooker, free lance sex worker, prostitutes or what ever term you want to call a person who is in the sex industry (just being a bit polite here). Lets understand something. Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world and the joke is that the indication for the worst period of unemployment is cobwebs around a women’s leg. I know it is cruel… but its just a joke. OK, we should respect women and then so do we respect Prostitutes! For some, prostitution is the need for money. For another group it is a part of a lifestyle! Wow…. who would have considered the scenario that some are working as prostitutes or escorts just because they like it.
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Video 2: Wan Chai, Hong Kong Street Walkers

Walkabout Hong Kong at the night. The area around Jaffe Road, Fenwick, Locakhart Road, Luard where all the action is. This is the second in a series of 8 videos from early 2019.  This is Hong Kong’s area where there are table top bars as well as night clubs. The area is frequented by freelancers mainly from the Philippines looking for the potential customer! Also in the area are some of the best known genuine bars in the area such as Amazonia and Taboo.

Fun and Sex in Hong Kong

Fun and Sex

You want straight forward sex in Hong Kong, you can have it like most places. You want cuddles and kissing and a GFE, I mean a Girl Friend Experience just in case you didn’t know what it stands for. You can have that too. Restaurants, bars, cafés, pubs, night clubs, women, lady boys…. You name it, you can find them. Even a drag show!

The most famous of all areas for anything is the Wan Chai area in Hong Kong. Not quite the restaurants although there are some pretty good ones. Then there’s Yau Ma Tei, Tsim Sha Tsui and Lan Kwai Fong that are famous for nightlife or some form of adult action. Each of the areas have their own specialties.

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Sam’s Naughty Cities Blog

Exploring the naughty world has always been of great interest! Over the years I have explored many cities in Asia and now I bring to you the experiences over the past years. Most of it still remains much the same. Not just Asia but some parts in Europe too. I am pretty much interested in anything naughty. Nothing shocks me and nothing stops me. I have explored what most people would not dream of. So, let me put pen to paper or shall I say fingers to keyboard over the years to come as  I reflect on the past and look at the future.