Hong Kong

Hong Kong is actually quite a fascinating place! Expensive but you can also get what you want. I had heard that Hong Kong is also a naughty place so I went there exploring the naughty world. Language quiet often can be a barrier but this is China… Well not exactly China but an SAR or Special Administrative Region. Going to Hong Kong does not mean you go to China. Actually could be quite the opposite. You may be able to walk into Hong Kong but not to China. China is one of few places that actually require you to get a visa even if you hold a western passport.

Discover the contrasts of this incredible city of Hong Kong on Hong Kong bus tour. Enjoy great views day & night.
Discover the contrasts of this incredible city on Hong Kong bus tour

Hong Kong in many ways is quite the opposite of China. Hong Kong drives on the left side of the road and China on the right! Hong Kong uses the Hong Kong Dollar and China the Renminbi. Having said that there are ATMs in Hong Kong that give you Renminbi and even Euro. Walk into a large HSBC ATM room and you will be puzzled as to which one you should use! After all, for decades Hong Kong was administered by the British. So do you expect them to be like China? No! 

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